S. cerevisiae sequence updates

Dianna Fisk fisk at genome.stanford.edu
Wed Mar 3 17:42:22 EST 2004

Sequence Updates Completed

SGD has recently updated the systematic sequence on several
chromosomes. These sequence changes are based on the re-sequencing of
portions of the S288C strain background.  Some of these sequence
changes also result in annotation changes, such as altering the start
or stop codons.  In addition, we will be correcting the annotations
for some genes in cases where the sequence was correct, but the
original gene call was not (e.g. new exons/introns, change in the
start methionine, etc.).

Sequence and/or annotation updates have been finished on the following
chromosomes: III, IV, VI, VIII X, XII, XIII, XIV, and XV.  To the best
of our knowledge, the sequence and annotations on these and all other
chromosomes are now completely accurate.

More information about the completed sequence updates can be found at
the Table of Updates to the Systematic Sequence:

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