Do each yeast cell can contain several different kinds of vector

sdyang68 sdyang68 at
Sat Mar 27 01:34:53 EST 2004

Dear colleagues,

   I use yeast function complementation to isolate genes related to
heavy metal tolerance. I use cDNA library to transform a yeast strain
sensitive to heavy metals. I know that a yeast cell (ie S.cerevisiae)
can include one more different vectors recently. I am wonder whether a
yeast cells can contain several vectors containing different foreign
genes. If this is true, I must retransform yeast using the genes
isolate from the positive yeast clones in order to describe the
functions of these genes. If a yeast cell can only contain one kind of
vector with one foreign gene inserted in, may I omitted the step to
retransform yeast to confirm the functions of foreign genes? I am
urgently need your kind help.

With my best wishes

Shude Yang 

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