[Yeast] S. pombe sporulation difficulty

Walter Cook wcook at jsd.claremont.edu
Wed Jul 20 21:01:31 EST 2005

I’m not getting sufficient ascii to perform dissection experiments, even
with wild-type strain crosses (975 x 972) using the usual sporulation agar
media, such as ME and SPA.  I might get only about ½% ascii and the
remainder are small, round stationary cells, when viewing a sample of an
agar starvation culture on a phase microscope slide.  With so few ascii it
is impossible for me to determine genuine ascii from small chains of
stationary phase cells, under the dissecting microscope. 


Is it known what determines the percentage of S. pombe cells on a starvation
medium (such as ME) that that conjugate to form ascii to those that just
remain in stationary phase?  


Thanks.  Walter

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