[Yeast] Pulse-Field Gel Electrophoresis Equipment

David Bonfil david.bonfil at weizmann.ac.il
Wed Jul 27 03:34:59 EST 2005

Dear all

WE are using the pulse field gel electrophoresis equipment from BioRad .
We are trying to measure the size of linear BAC (bacterial artificial 
chromosome) according to Lambda marker . At first , the size of the BAC 
according to the marker   was smaller than we accepted .
Next , we added a control BAC as a marker and run the Pulse field again 
with the lambda marker .
Again the marker did not indicated to the right size .
We tried to run all the samples in a different Pulse field equipment . 
The results were completely different from the two first trials . Still 
the marker run in a different format but in the right position 
according to the  BAC marker .
After a long story my question is :
Why the marker runs differently ,and by that i mean , in one apparatus 
the right way and the other not even remotely close to the right size 
of the BAC marker?
David Bonfil,PhD
Department of Molecular Genetics
Weizmann Institute of Science
76100 Rehovot, Israel
Tel. 972-8-9343255
email: david.bonfil at weizmann.ac.il 
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