[Yeast] Sporulation/tetrad defects

saherbst at biochem.wisc.edu saherbst at biochem.wisc.edu
Tue Aug 1 10:51:48 EST 2006

Hello all,

I recently transformed a yeast strain with linear DNA and then backcrossed
several times to a wild-type parental strain. Now I have a defect in the
tetrad formation of this strain when mated to another in which the spores
only consist of three, not four, offspring. In other words, it's as if I
am getting triads, not tetrads. This is visible both before and after
digestion of the spore wall. Does anyone have any idea of what might be
causing this defect? I would appreciate any help.


Samantha Herbst

Samantha Herbst
Craig Lab
Department of Biochemistry
University of Wisconsin-Madison
saherbst at biochem.wisc.edu

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