[Yeast] invitrogen vectors

Estelle Hrabak estelle.hrabak at unh.edu
Wed Aug 23 13:13:44 EST 2006

Please help!

I was planning to use an Invitrogen yeast expression vector 
(pYES6/CT) for teaching this semester but, just now tried to order it 
and was told that they have none in stock and don't know when they 
will.  I've already had my lab manual photocopied outlining our 
project for this semester's class and am pretty desparate to find 
this vector.  Invitrogen suggested asking the yeast community if 
anyone would be willing to send me some plasmid, so that's why I'm 
posting here.  I could potentially also use pYC6/CT but prefer 

If you can help me out, please respond to me directly at 
emhrabak at cisunix.unh.edu.

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