[Yeast] alpha-amino adipate media

Jeanie Tsamis eugenia.tsamis at duke.edu
Wed Aug 23 18:59:47 EST 2006

Hi Jeff,
I found your posting on trouble with alpha aminoadipate plates through a 
goggle search.  I was hoping that you might be able to provide me with 
any information that you have learned on it since the posting, because I 
am just beginning to work with the aaa plates and have been having my 
own issues.  I am not getting loss of the LYS plasmid using the recipe I 
found for the plates, which contains 30 mg Lysine  and 40 mL 5% aaa per 
L of media. The aaa solution is at a pH of 6, which was recommended in 
the recipe, but I am left wondering if there are some additional pieces 
to the puzzle that I am missing.  Any feedback would be greatly 

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