[Yeast] Problem with -His plates

Anna Heidenblut anna.heidenblut at gmx.de
Fri Jul 21 10:21:31 EST 2006

Dear list,

I'm new to working with yeast and I've got trouble with my -His plates:

I've prepared to batches of -His plates using batches of CSM-His from 
two different labs and adding glucose (Fisher Scientific), N-base 
(ForMedium) and bacto-agar (BD). I've plated His- strains (which are 
definitely OK) on these plates and they grow on both batches of plates. 
I restreaked the yeast to the -His plates to make sure they don't carry 
over too much His from the YPD they were grown in but they still grow 
when restreaked on -His plates.

Has anybody ever experienced problems with His contamination of glucose, 
N-base or bacto-agar?

Thank you for your help.


Dr. Anna Heidenblut (PhD)

Genome Integrity Group
Department of Molecular Oncology
Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Oxford University John Radcliffe Hospital,
Headley Way, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX3 9DS UK
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