[Yeast] Electroporation and homologous recombination on chromosome?

Linnea Hedin linnea.hedin at dbb.su.se
Thu May 4 03:43:54 EST 2006

I wonder if anyone has used electroporation on yeast cells (preferably 
S.cerevisiae) in order to make a homologous recombination in the genomic 
DNA? That is, to insert dsDNA consisting of the DNA you want to insert 
into the chromosome flanked by approximately 50 base pairs per side that 
are homologous to the DNA on the chromosome where you want the insertion 
to be made. 
If you've used this method for the described purpose, could you please 
give me the details about it? There's nothing about this in the 
literature, everyone is using the LiAc-transformation method (Gietz et 
al). Just thought I would ask.

Linnea Hedin

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