[Yeast] Green stuff in Pichia

John Ward ward at biochemistry.ucl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 3 10:09:56 EST 2006


I recently came across the post at the bottom of this e-mail about green
material in Pichia supernatents.
We are also purifing proteins from Pichia supernatents and find this same
green material. Do you know what it is, any references to it and how to get
rid of it,
Many thanks,
John Ward

from http://www.bio.net/bionet/mm/yeast/1998-January/007651.html
Help with Pichia expression "green stuff"
Edwin Rydberg rydberg at chem.ubc.ca
Tue Jan 13 18:49:41 EST 1998

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I am purifying Human Pancreatic alpha-Amylase, which we have expressed
in Pichia pastoris and I have had some problems removing the Green
substance.  I am aware of the low pH (5.5-6) cation exchange method of
purification, unfortunately my enzyme also fails to bind to a cation
exchange resin under these conditions.  Further more, I have not had
much success with dialysis or other membrane filtration methods.

Any help with this problem would be appreciated.

Edwin Rydberg
Dept. Biochem.  UBC

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