[Yeast] ODs in SDC

Nicolas Brandes via yeast%40net.bio.net (by nbrandes from umich.edu)
Mon Aug 13 11:18:22 EST 2007

Hi to all,
I'm growing a EG103 strain (MATα leu2-3, 112 hisΔ1 trp1-289 ura3-52 GAL+) in
SDC medium (2% glucose, 0.67% YNB, 30C, 220rpm, 1:5 ratio of liquid to
flask, aerobic) and I just reach OD600 of about 2. According to the
literature, I should go up to about OD 6. Any ideas what's wrong with my
strain/medium? I have already double-checked the drop-out mix,
(http://openwetware.org/wiki/Synthetic_complete_(SC)_medium without
Inositol), its okay.
Any ideas?
Nicolas Brandes
Nicolas Brandes
University of Michigan
Department of MCDB
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