[Yeast] Yeast crash-course

Linnea Hedin via yeast%40net.bio.net (by linhe At sbc.su.se)
Fri Jan 12 07:23:11 EST 2007

Dear all,
I'm looking for a crash-course on yeast, basic methods and tricks. I 
know there is a Cold Spring Harbour course Yeast Genetics & Genomics 
<http://meetings.cshl.edu/courses/c-yeas07.shtml>, but it is also very 
expensive. If you know about a course given in Europe that covers the 
basics of working with yeast, please let me know. Ideally, the course 
should be more proteomics- than genomics-oriented, but please let me 
know of anything that could fit my description.

Linnea Hedin

Linnea Hedin
PhD. Student
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Stockholm University, Sweden

E-mail: linnea.hedin At dbb.su.se

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