[Yeast] FACS sorting/Regeneration of spheroplast

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Sure.  But we are interested in something in the periplasmic space.  We
seeminly cannot partially disrupt the cell wall while accessing the
interested product.  We have to make spheroplast in order to detect it.

My question is: can the spheroplast (do delicate after removing the cell
wall) sustain the electro-charging during FACS sorting? I know you can
do flow cytometric testing with spheroplast, though.  Any experience?  


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If you reduce the spheroplasting time, they will regenerate better.

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> Hello,
> Has anybody done FACS sorting with spheroplast and then regenerate
them in Top
> agar?  Would the charge in FACS machine burst the spheroplast during
> My regeneration rate was only 1%.  Any hint to improve that? Thanks!
> Xinxiang
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