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Philip Hexley via yeast%40net.bio.net (by phh05 from aber.ac.uk)
Fri Mar 16 05:40:02 EST 2007

Hi there,

I found this e-mail off the internet, and I figured this would be a good
contact for finding out more about yeast- if you can help that is.

A year ago I put some S. cerevisiae in 5 mlKCL solution, with 1 ml YPD
broth, sealed with a head-space:suspension of 2:1 and incubated at 30oC,
then I kind of forgot about them.

A year on and I found the tubes again, so I decided to test them with
methylene blue; just out of interest to see if the yeast was still alive.
None of the cells appeared to stain blue, so instead of jumping straight
to the conclusion that all the cells were alive, I thought maybe they have
been stressed for quitesome time and have just not taken up the stain.

So next, I plated the suspension on a YPD agar plate, incubated at 30oC
and 2 days later,I have something growing. From the look of the plate, it
is a bit spurious as to whether or not it is yeast, similarly from the
smell of the plate I can not tell. Under the microscope the cells appear
to be too large to be bacterial, but they do not look like a typical yeast
cell - I am unsure if the cells have become dammaged over the past year
and this has led to some weird growth orif indeed at some stage I have
contaminated the plate and it is not in fact yeast that has grown.

The main point of all of this is, do you know of any definitive test that
I could carry out to check if my sample is S. cerevisiae?


Phil Hexley

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