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Ren Miao via yeast%40net.bio.net (by rmiao from mail.chem.tamu.edu)
Thu Aug 7 16:17:14 EST 2008

hi, all,

i have a question about the W303 strain i am using:

i got the strain from ATCC (201238), W303-1B [MATalpha leu2-3 leu2-112 
trp1-1 ura3-1 his3-11 his3-15 ade2-1 can1-100]
and i prepared frozen stock according to instructions. i kept the
strain on YPAD plate (with ~ 50 mg adenine added to prevent reversion
of ade2 mutant). it can grow well on regular YPD (doubling time ~ 2
hrs) and on glycerol containing medium - YPG (doubling time ~3 hrs).

i need to grow the strain on synthetic media in order to better 
medium iron concentration. i used yeast nitrogen base w/o ammonium
sulfate w/o copper sulfate w/o ferric chloride (from MPBio) and
complete supplement mixture (a complete amino acid mixture from MPBio)
to prepare synthetic complete medium. i added back copper sulfate and
ferric citrate to make [Cu] = 1 uM and [Fe] = 20 uM. normally i
filter-sterilize the medium. when i supplied glucose as carbon source,
the strain can grow well after the colony being transferred from YPAD
plate. HOWEVER, when glycerol (3%, v/v) was used, almost no growth was
observed after the colony being transferred from YPAD to liquid 

it puzzled me a lot! the strain should be able to respire,
since it grows well on YPG and the colony turn red on YPD and YPGal.
but i do not understand why it grow so poorly on synthetic medium
containing glycerol! does the cells need long time to adapt from rich
medium to minimal medium? or the MPBio YNB is lakcing something?

Thanks for any suggestion!!

Ren Miao

Dept of Chem, Texas A&M Univ
College Station, 77840

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