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Dear,I am a Chemical Engineer. Please let me know the value you are mentioning for yeast can that one be used for bioreactor modelling?Thanks and Regards,Sagar Lunawat*********************************************************************************************************I am a chemical engineer and am working on a project for the YeastDrying Plant at Coors.My project requires that I know the density ofcompletely dry brewer's yeast.So far, I have tried measuring the density in two ways (The yeastcontained 3% moisture).First, I tried displacing the yeast in a knownamount of water to eliminate air space and came up with 344 lbm/bbl orabout 1.33 g/ml.Then I tried packing the dry yeast and came up with166 lbm/bbl or 0.6 g/ml.I imagine the second way still contained a lotof air and the density is greater than the second value.Please let me know what you think.Thanks!Dear yeast! Get Yourself a cool, short @in.com Email ID now!
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