Dr. S.A.J.R. Aparicio saparici at
Thu Aug 11 13:15:46 EST 1994

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> This is not necessarily true.  Check Stuart et al., Development 109:
> 577-584 (1990), who demonstrated that lines can be generated that express
> transgenes under the control of non-teleost promoters.  These lines and
> several others, including ones that express lacZ, have been carried through
> many generations with no loss of expression.

> It may be that the site and nature of the integration event affect the
> level of expression and stability of the transgene.

Right - this sounds much more plausible to me. Is it known what proportion
of constructs get transcriptionally silenced in this way?

Presumably if one found a favoured sanctuary site in the genome, it might be possible
to target constructs in there using loxP sites or some other device. Is anyone
trying this in Danio, it is certainly being experimented with in mice.


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