Laser video disc recorders

Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Sun Dec 4 09:56:40 EST 1994

Dear Dick,

We do speed-ups of 15000 - 20000X for differentiation waves on axolotls,
using ordinary video taping with 8 hr, high quality tapes, a household 4
head VCR, and digitization with a frame grabber. An advantage is that you
can retrieve your data with any timing interval necessary, from 1/15 sec
on up, cheaply, so you needn't miss phenomena occurring at time scales
other than what you guess as needed a priori, as in ordinary time lapse.

Bjorklund, N.K. & R. Gordon (1994). Surface contraction and expansion 
waves correlated with differentiation in axolotl embryos. I. Prolegomenon 
and differentiation during invagination through the blastopore, as shown 
by the fate map. Computers & Chemistry  18(3), 333-345.

Best regards, -Dick Gordon[Dec4,94]
On 30 Nov 1994, Dick Fluck wrote:

> I am considering buying Sony's LVR-3000N recorder.  If you have experience
> with this model or other similar recorders, I would like to hear from you.
> I am currently using a time-lapse VCR to record slow events in fish
> embryos.
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