Summary of sexing zfish

Yiing Lin ylin at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Tue Dec 6 19:21:56 EST 1994

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I'll just post exerpts from messages that I found useful on each topic.  
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Zfish from pet stores are invariably underfed and somewhat skinny, which
makes them harder to sex.  Also it seems as though a diet rich in live food
(brine shrimp for example) is really necessary to get them into prime
breeding condition.  After a few weeks on shrimp the belly on the females
will swell up and the males will look better (more golden, esp. the ventral
fins) and you will easily be able to tell them apart.

    The male and female zebrafish can be distinguished by two cues,
color and body shape. The males are slender and the females are more
rounded. The males have a pinkish-yellowish cast and the females a
bluish-whitish cast. I have seen pet store zebras that look more
like pencils than fish. In that case it might take some fattening up
before you can tell.

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