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>	The best brine shrimp are the premium quality shrimp from Sanders. 
>They charge $19.00 per one pound can.  A case of 12 (vacuum packed) cans costs
>$228 plus $7.08 shipping (from Utah to Indiana).  The address is:
>Sanders Brine Shrimp Eggs
>3850 South
>540 West
>Ogden, UT 84405
>Phone: (801) 393-5027
>They require payment before shipping.  Our purchasing dept. sends them a
>university check.
>Ellen Chernoff

If these are from Great Salt Lake, the nauplii will be larger than the
S.F Bay population. They also require some epsom salts in the hatching
solution if memory serves. Most aquarium books will have details of this,
certainly Innes' _Exotic Aqurium Fishes_ gives a good account of this.

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