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Mon Dec 12 20:57:11 EST 1994


The ZEBRAFISH GROUP at Neurobiology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
(ETH) in Zurich, has an open position for a GRADUATE STUDENT  or a
POST-DOCTORAL FELLOW with interest in cellular and molecular aspects of
neuronal development and regeneration. We have recently identified
zebrafish homologues of the mammalian cell adhesion molecule L1, of the
extracellular matrix molecule tenascin, and of AMOG (the cell adhesion
molecule on glia). The distribution of these molecules is being mapped and
their function will be studied by experimental manipulations (at the
protein and at the message levels). Efforts are also underway to identify
additional cell recognition molecules in the zebrafish. One goal is to
understand how these molecules control the cell-cell and cell-substrate
interactions which determine regional identity and the patterns of axonal
outgrowth in the embryonic CNS. These studies take advantage of the fact
that the embryonic zebrafish CNS is relatively simple and very well
characterized. Because the adult fish CNS displays an astonishing
regenerative capacity it also offers an unique opportunity to address a
second goal, to study the role of cell recognition molecules as
facilitators of axonal regeneration.
To candidates, preferentially with a background in developmental and/or
molecular biology, we can offer an interesting research environment in a
well equipped, multidisciplinary laboratory.
For further information please contact:

Dr. R. Bernhardt
ETH-Honggerberg, HPM                                    
CH-8093 Zurich                                                  
Tel. (++411) 633 36 13
Fax (++411) 633 33 65
e-mail: bernhardt at (Robert Bernhardt)

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