B. rerio uses?

Nicholas C. Weaver nweaver at boojum.CS.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Jul 21 10:57:46 EST 1994

	Please excuse some rather layman questions.  My background is
computer science, not biology, although I grew up with an aquaculturist for
a father.

	What are B. rerio used for in biological research?  Also, are
embrionic organisms used or mature adults?  Who's strains are used for
research purposes?

	The reason for my question is one of the species my father currently
breeds (using closed cycle high density aquaculture techniques) is B. rerio
for the aquarium trade (zebra danios).  He has Longfin, Longfin gold,
domestic and wild strains, and produces eggs in 100 gram batches or so when
spawning them.

	Thank you for your time.
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