Keith Alverson keith at puddle.mit.edu
Thu Jul 21 17:23:55 EST 1994

>>What sort of zebrafish is this about?
>Selection of a name for a newsgroup needs to be well thought out
>and grepping for ``fish'' by J Average User yields this bionet group. 

Your implication is that average newsgroup readers can not find
interest in discussion of serious scientific issues to do with 
zebrafish.  I think that such a decision should be left to the
readers in question and that an easilly grepable title is a benefit,
not a drawback. 

Surely some of your serious science would be of interest to non 
specialists.  For instance methods of breeding may be of common interest
to those studying development as well as hobbyist aquarium keepers.

Finally, I find your post, and indeed mine, just as devoid of "serious
science" as was the original query to which you disdainfully alude.


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