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Keith Alverson <keith at puddle.mit.edu> wrote:
>>>What sort of zebrafish is this about?
>>Selection of a name for a newsgroup needs to be well thought out
>>and grepping for ``fish'' by J Average User yields this bionet group. 
>Your implication is that average newsgroup readers can not find
>interest in discussion of serious scientific issues to do with 
>zebrafish.  I think that such a decision should be left to the
>readers in question and that an easilly grepable title is a benefit,
>not a drawback. 

No, that wasn't my implication. I was trying to imply 1) you're
gonna get a lot of ``which zebrafish do you _mean_'' postings
because of the ambiguity of the name, and 2) you're gonna get a lot
of J.Q average aquarist asking how to keep his zebrafish alive.
I don't really care, but is this what you intended the group for ?

>Surely some of your serious science would be of interest to non 
>specialists.  For instance methods of breeding may be of common interest
>to those studying development as well as hobbyist aquarium keepers.

Of course it would, but is that what the group is for ?

If these are welcome themes then fine, but I was under the impression
it was for unpronouncable procedures and lists of chemicals :-)

>Finally, I find your post, and indeed mine, just as devoid of "serious
>science" as was the original query to which you disdainfully alude.

Of course. But lacking a bionet.organisms.zebrafish.d group, I wasn't
quite sure where to post my query ;-)


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