antibody info

Steven Sullivan sullivan at unix1
Mon Jul 25 11:21:06 EST 1994

Shelton M. Hendricks (shendric at POLAR.BOWDOIN.EDU) wrote:
: 	I am looking for a primary antibody to label microtubules in early
: zebrafish embryos for a summer research project.  Unfortunately, I haven't
: the foggiest idea how to go about choosing the appropriate antibody. 
: Chemical supply companies have been consistently unhelpful and vague about
: whether or not any of theirs might work.  If anyone could give a suggestion
: or two about possible  antibodies to use, please contact me.  Thanks.
: 				Mike Hendricks
: 				shendric at
: 				(402) 559-6687

I think there's a paper from a year or two pack on microtubules
and epiboly in Fundulus (another fishie), maybe they used
an antibody you could get hold of. Sorry I don't have more
details, but that's enough for a medline or CItation index 
search.  Assuming there's no extant zebrafish antibody,
I'd look to the Xenopus literature next.

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