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In article <watson.774920968 at space.sce.carleton.ca> watson at space.sce.carleton.ca (Stephen Watson) writes:
>>Keith Alverson <keith at puddle.mit.edu> wrote:
>>Richard J. Sexton                         richard at panchax.gryphon.com   
>This has even less to do with zebrafish -- Danio or otherwise -- than
>the preceding posts, but as long as we're talking about fish, I can't
>help noticing that Richard's posting host could live and breed quite
>happily in Keith's posting host.
>10 talk.origins Pedant Points to anyone who can figure out what the hell
>I'm talking about ;-).

You are saying that commercial entities feed off of educational

Er, that mythological beasts exist at the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology?

Never mind.

Dean Hougen

(Killifish?  What the hell is a killifish?)
"I'm in a state (state, state) of confusion."  - the Kinks

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