re zebrafish mRNA preps

Matthew Clark clark at EUROPA.LIF.ICNET.UK
Tue Nov 15 11:59:50 EST 1994

i also have just started a project which involves the isolation of mRNA.
i have tried shield and 26 somite stages so far and two protocols.
for total RNA I used a modification of AGPC (acid guanidine phenol 
chloroform) method of CHomczynski and Sacchi.~2.5mls of embryos yield 
700ug of total which gives ~7ug of polyA+.(From 26 somites stage).
polyA+ selection was done using In Vitrogen Fasttrack mRNA kit, this can 
be used to isolate mRNA directly from embryo's but 1g/1ml is all you can 
use at once, and it was my first time with RNA i isolated total first 
checked the quality, and then proceded to polyA+.
i have found that you can reduce the volume of embryo's by ~3x just by 
dechorionating using pronase, which i do just before freezing in liquid 
nitrogen to minimise any possible effects.
so for my next prep i will try direct to polyA+ from dechorionated embryos.
let me know how you get on and feel free to askm any more questions

p.s.the polyA+ i have isolated so far has been of good quality andi am 
now proceeding to make a cDNA library from it.

	Matthew Clark
	Genome Analysis lab
	44 Lincoln's Inn Fields
	London WC2A 3PX
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