zebrafish diseases

Anne Ungar ungar at u.washington.edu
Thu Nov 17 17:16:01 EST 1994

	We are having a disease problem in our small zebrafish colony, which 
might be fish tuberculosis.  The fish look healthy at first but they develop
obvious white patches, and i think scales may be dropping off.  They also 
appear to be bleeding internally.  Within a day of these symptoms appearing, 
they die.  We cut one of them open, but did not see any obvious "grey nodules" 

as has been described in the zebrafish book.  We are not trying to save any of
the fish which show symptoms but I would like to treat the affected tanks,
hopefully to prevent more disease in fish which do not yet show symptoms.
  If anyone has any ideas on diagnosis or
treatment, please let me know; my e-mail is ungar at u.washington.edu  since we 
are collecting embryos from our fish, i am particularly interested in 
which treatments will not ruin embryo production for the next several months.   
one more thing, the sick fish are lethargic but they do not show any signs of 
rubbing behaviour 
     thanks for your help!
     Anne Ungar 

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