Best way to make genomic DNA?

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> What's the best way to make zebrafish genomic DNA? Do you grind up
> whole frozen fish, get blood from a whole lot of them, use livers, or
> what?
> Malcolm Moos Jr., M.D., Ph.D.


Zebrafish give up their DNA in pretty much the same way as other
organisms, so you can just follow a protocol out of a lab manual like
Sambrook et al. on whole frozen adults. You can find a variety of
protocols used on zebrafish in the  Zebrafish Book lab manual (M.
Westerfield, 1993, University of Oregon). You can gain access to an
on-line copy of this through Mosaic by opening a URL to If this doesn't work for you, drop me an email
(with any luck my address is pasted on the end here) and I'll send you
protocols the old-fashioned way.

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