Being Nosey

Graham Corley-Smith corley at
Sun Oct 16 19:58:57 EST 1994

   At a recent presentation and discussion of zebrafish research that I am
involved in, I was informed that, to paraphrase:

Christiane Nusslein-Volhard has recently decided to drastically reduce her
group's zebrafish research and to redirect efforts in the more productive
area of fly research.  It was stated that she had discovered that all the
interesting early developmental mutants were maternal effect.  As these are
difficult to study, the decision to redirect activities using fruit flies
was purportedly made.

   I am curious if this is true.  I work in an environment where zfish
research is new and I feel extremely exciting.  Others doubt the value of
the organism and are quite willing to be persuaded by decisions regarding
the system that are made by prominent researchers.  As Dr. Nusslein-Volhard
is definitely a prominent researcher, her decisions are influential.  Thus,
if anyone is willing to respond to what I will presently call a rumor, and
let me know what is really going on, I would appreciate it.

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