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That would definitely be a devastating decision on Janni's part. And therefore
such a rumor needs to be killed quickly and effectively, or substantiated,
preferrably by a publication from her. Is something like this in the offing?Please spread the news, not the rumor, please.

>   At a recent presentation and discussion of zebrafish research that I am
>involved in, I was informed that, to paraphrase:
>Christiane Nusslein-Volhard has recently decided to drastically reduce her
>group's zebrafish research and to redirect efforts in the more productive
>area of fly research.  It was stated that she had discovered that all the
>interesting early developmental mutants were maternal effect.  As these are
>difficult to study, the decision to redirect activities using fruit flies
>was purportedly made.
>  I am curious if this is true.  I work in an environment where zfish
>research is new and I feel extremely exciting.  Others doubt the value of
>the organism and are quite willing to be persuaded by decisions regarding
>the system that are made by prominent researchers.  As Dr. Nusslein-Volhard
>is definitely a prominent researcher, her decisions are influential.  Thus,
>if anyone is willing to respond to what I will presently call a rumor, and
>let me know what is really going on, I would appreciate it.
>Thanks in advance,
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