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In article <Monte-181094155631 at macmonte.uoregon.edu> Monte Westerfield,
Monte at uoneuro.uoregon.edu writes:
>There is already a beautiful video of time-lapse (at least for early
>stages) done by Don Kane and Rachel Warga.  It is part of the tape: "A
>Dozen Eggs - time-lapse microscopy of normal development" produced by
>Sinauer Assoc. for the Society for Developmental Biology.  I think you
>buy the tape from the Society.

I agree, this is a very nice video--especially since it gives
such a useful comparitive picture of early development.

I also think there is room for more of this kind of stuff. One
of the major virtues of the zebrafish is that it is both a 
dynamic and photogenic prep. Unfortunately it seems to be a
bit difficult to get your hands on images of processes that
a lot of us take for granted, and yet look so good in the

I have aspirations to set up a mosaic server that specializes
in zebrafish imaging. A lot of the groundwork is done (I have
a machine, I have an ethernet connection, I have the software),
but I was hoping to initially populate it with images I'm
generating in my work. I'm afraid that part is going slowly
(that is, I _don't_ have the data...). I can think of two
things that would be useful to me: 1) it's nice to hear what
kinds of images people would like to have access to, e.g.
Leos's request for early cleavage movies, and 2) if you've got
pretty pictures/movies you'd like to make available to the
world, send 'em on to me (or send a URL) and I'll post them.

The kinds of stuff I'm planning to generate are 1) simple DIC
time-lapses of early events, like cleavage, and a few later
events like ll primordium migration (these are produced by
undergrads as lab excercises). 2) ratiometric movies of early
cleavage, and 3) epifluorescence/confocal images of sensory
growth cones (and maybe, if they stop dying, movies of same).

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