Does light influence speed of development ?

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Tue Oct 18 23:36:19 EST 1994

In article <3809at$dsd at>, eirik.madsen at (Eirik Madsen) writes:
> I am a student working with the development of Zebrafish embryos in 
> ELF magnetic field. In some experiments I found that the illuminance (light)
> was three times higher in one group than in the other (520 lux vs. 150 lux).
> Experiments indicates that the embryo -development went faster in 
> the group with the highest illuminance.
> Does anyone know if and how the illuminance influence the development
> time for Zebrafish embryo?

Appended are some references on the effect of light on teleost embryos.
Some studies have reported acceleration of development. Hope this helps. 

- Paul.

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