Killing a rumor

Graham Corley-Smith corley at
Thu Oct 20 16:23:28 EST 1994

Hi All,
     I have had several responses to my original post which I have attached
 below.  First off, I would like to make it extremely clear that I was not
 intending to spread unfounded rumors.  On the contrary, I heard what some
 were discussing as truth.  This so called truth had gone from Texas to
 Western Canada before I heard it.  When I heard it, I strongly suspected
 it to be an untruth, and strongly wished to ensure if it was an untruth,
 that it not be spread.  However, I could not aid in killing the rumor until
 I learned the truth.  From the replies I got, it is obvious that other
 researchers were concerned by the rumor.  I am pleased to relay, that from
 the information I have received in response to my original post on this
 topic, that there are no indications that Janni intends to reduce her
research efforts with zfish.  On the contrary, there are indications that
 she intends to stick with zfish at least for the immediate future.  After
 all, she is helping to organize the 1996 Cold Spring Harbor Zebrafish
     So there, hopefully the rumor is dead.  And please do not refer to it
as my rumor.  Rather as the rumor I wished to stop.

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