microscopes etc.

David W. Raible RAIBLE at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Thu Oct 27 13:44:01 EST 1994

> In article <01HIQFWNMAIE0034NZ at BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU> ,
... advise in terms of microinjection set ups will also be appreciated...

Bess Melby and I have writen up the procedures we use to inject single
cells in THe Zebrafish Book.  Included is a list of solutions / supplies.

We inject cells on a modified old Zeiss Standard set up on a
vibration-isolated table.   As Paul has pointed out, a fixed stage,
epifluorescence and nomarski are essential.  We use a Zeiss 40x water
immersion lens (Zeiss has begun manufacturing these lenses again).

If you have other specific questions feel free to contact me. -- Dave
David W. Raible
Institute of Neuroscience
University of Oregon
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