Thu Aug 10 18:09:22 EST 1995

Dear Giselle,
There was a short debate about the possibility of using electroporation 
as a mass gene transfer method in fish about a couple of months ago on 
the zebrafish server at South Carolina.( What 
I felt that there was a quiet scepticism about this. Supporting this is 
the fact that although the first results have been out for a while 
nothing new happened since then. With my old group we tried several 
alternative gene transfer methods, among them electroporation as well on 
different fish and found that although electroporation was more 
effective then the sperm-mediated or the liposome methods but:
	- the embryos have to be dechorionated
	- zebrafish embryos are to sensitive to handle after 
dechorionation, (for the majority of our experiments we used catfish embryos
	- single exponential-decay pulse emitting electroporator did not 
		do the trick, you have to use square-pulse producing machine,
	- for us 100V/cm, 16 pulses were the best (Muller et al., FEBS 
Letters, 1993,Vol.324. No.1. 27-32)

Good luck with your experiments

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