change in taxonomy (Brachydanio to Danio)

Pat Edwards edwards at
Wed Aug 16 15:12:54 EST 1995

Does anyone have the reference to a published paper that discusses
the change in zebrafish taxonomy (from Brachydanio rerio to Danio 
rerio)?  In doing a search of our zebrafish reference list, I can't 
seem to come up with it.  If there is such a reference, we would like
to use it in the next edition of The Zebrafish Book.

I will soon have the new price information for the next edition of the
ZF Book and a list of changes that is being made to it.  I'll post it
on USENET as soon as it's available.  For those of you who are on the
waiting list for the book, we are hoping to get the book to the printers 
within the next two weeks, if possible.  Thanks for your patience.

Pat Edwards
ZF Publications Coordinator
edwards at

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