change in taxonomy (Brachydanio to Danio)

Zoltan Ivics zoltan at BIOSCI.CBS.UMN.EDU
Wed Aug 16 15:41:46 EST 1995

Dear Pat,

The reference is: Meyer, A., Biermann, C.H. and Orti, G. (1993). The 
phylogenetic position of the zebrafish (Danio rerio), a model system in 
developmental biology: An invitation to the comparative method. Proc R 
Soc Lond 252:231-236.

Zoltan Ivics

On 16 Aug 1995, Pat Edwards wrote:

> Does anyone have the reference to a published paper that discusses
> the change in zebrafish taxonomy (from Brachydanio rerio to Danio 
> rerio)?  In doing a search of our zebrafish reference list, I can't 
> seem to come up with it.  If there is such a reference, we would like
> to use it in the next edition of The Zebrafish Book.
> I will soon have the new price information for the next edition of the
> ZF Book and a list of changes that is being made to it.  I'll post it
> on USENET as soon as it's available.  For those of you who are on the
> waiting list for the book, we are hoping to get the book to the printers 
> within the next two weeks, if possible.  Thanks for your patience.
> Pat Edwards
> ZF Publications Coordinator
> edwards at

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