YSL giant nuclei

D.W.Williams D.W.Williams at soton.ac.uk
Wed Dec 13 09:43:36 EST 1995


I am posting this message for W.Bachop, please could you send any
correspondance to me. 


Darren Williams.  



Dear Zebrafish Researher:

If any of your publications have mentioned or illustrated the giant
nuclei which can be found in the yolk sac syncytium of the zebrafish and
other species of oviparous teleosts, I would greatly appreciate your
sending me reprints for possible mention in a review I'm preparing on
how thes nuclear giants vary in the yolk sac syncytium in different
orders and families of oviparous teleosts.  If reprints are not
available, a literature citation mentioning the essential bibliographic
data would facilitate my looking up the article, and would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank you.  Comments and suggestions would be welcome. 

Sincerely yours.

William Bachop, Ph.D.
(Ohio State University, Zoology, 1963)
Professor Emeritus

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