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Wed Feb 8 20:57:14 EST 1995

Hi all

I was wondering if there are any generous research
groups out there to be able to help my friend,
who is doing an  Honours course working on

He is trying  to isolate a homolog of a gene
called deadringer, which was originally found
in Drosophila melanogaster.

He would like to know if there are anyone who
is willing to sacrifice 1.5ml  of their cDNA
library of Zebrafish.

As an Honours student myself, I  know how precios
cDNA library is. However,  also I know how
restircted we Honours students  are.

Our budget is limited to A$1000 for the year
and duration of the  course is supposed to 
be a year but have only about 8 months, 
so we don't  have resources nor time to
make cDNA library for himself.

On top of these restrictions, because
his lab is just starting, they cannot
afford many things in other mol. biol.
labs take for granted.

So, if  there are anyone who's willing
to help, please e-mail me. We will be

Thank you.


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