HELP! They stopped breeding!

Lisa Lynn Cunningham llc4q at
Wed Jan 18 08:59:26 EST 1995

I have a breeder colony of about 60 zebrafish who have been
giving me nice clutches of eggs pretty much whenever I needed
them.  Suddenly yesterday and today, no eggs! Is this common?
Are they possibly being over or underfed? I give them TetraMin
flake food once or twice a day and a few brine shrimp once every
day or so.  Their tanks are always clean, temperature is 28C.
I did have a power failure day before yesterday which caused
their lights to be about half an hour late coming on -- would
this cause them to stop laying eggs? What can I do to get them
to breed again? I siphoned the bottoms of their tanks, and
there were 24- and 48- hour embryos in there, as well as lots
of young fry, so I know they've been laying eggs in the past
several days.  Any suggestions would be appreciated! I need
those embryos!

Lisa Cunningham

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