zfish promoters

Lisa Lynn Cunningham llc4q at galen.med.Virginia.EDU
Wed Jan 18 15:17:17 EST 1995

Does anyone know if the CMV promoter works in zebrafish? I'd
like to use a commercially available reporter vector that has
the reporter gene under the control of the CMV promoter, but I
don't know if this promoter works in zebrafish.
Actually, I'd like to know ANY promoters that are known to be
strong promoters in zebrafish.  The only one I've read about is
SV40 -- is this truly the best promoter to use for zebrafish?
Any additional promoters known to work in zebrafish would be
helpful.  I'm trying to optimize conditions for electroporation
of zebrafish embryos, and I'd like to know that I'm using a
good promoter.  Does anyone have or know of a plasmid that
might be helpful? Also, does anyone have a good protocol for
b-gal staining in z'fish?

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