Fish Chromosomes

Jae-Seong Lee jlee at PSUHMED.RCF.HMC.PSU.EDU
Wed Jun 7 17:15:54 EST 1995

I wish to hear some informations on fish molecular cytogenetics. As you may
know, fish chromosomes do not clearly show its banding pattern. By 1988, I
can not see the clear data on fish chromosome banding pattern. Only we could
see C-, NOR-banding patterns in a few species. We know that one of the
reason derive from the direct method for chromosome preparation. So, some
scientists try to prepare clear chromosomes through primary cell culture. 

Now we need to develop how to make the clear banding pattern including
high-resolution chromosme banding. The modern banding techniques could help
to understand the assignment of some genes on the chromosomes. Thus, this
could promote our understandings about the relationship between the
confirmation of gene locus by RAPD and the real locus. If somebody know the
reproducible banding techniques, please let me know it.

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