Zebrafish hemoglobins / globin genes

Pat Edwards edwards at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Mon Jun 12 16:52:38 EST 1995

I am posting this message for 
Dennis A. Powers, Director of the 
Hopkins Marine Station
(fh.dap at forsythe.stanford.edu)

I am very interested in cloning the alpha- and 
beta-globin genes in zebrafish, but I cannot find 
any information about the number or characteristics 
of the zebrafish hemoglobins, their oxygen equilibria, 
or physiology via a search on Biosis.  Does anyone know 
anything about the zebrafish hemoglobins or globin genes?

                Dennis A. Powers
   		fh.dap at forsythe.stanford.edu


Pat Edwards
ZF Publications Coordinator

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