Zebrafish Web Server Name Change

Richard Vogt vogt
Fri Jun 23 18:23:18 EST 1995

The Zebrafish Web Server in South Carolina has a new name.  The University
changed the domain name from "scarolina" to "sc".  While this change is
supposed to be transitional (2 years), please note the change where
appropriate.  The new address for this server is:


Also, I relocated the server from a PC to a Sparc Station.  File name
extensions have similarly changed from "htm" to "html".  If any of you have
pointers set to a specific file, please note this change.

Also, please note that I archive many points of methods from this NewsGroup on
the server under "Zebrafish Resources" in "Submitted Methodology"

Also, congradulations on the more or less anniversary of this newsgroup!

Dick Vogt
University of South Carolina
vogt at zebra.sc.edu

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