Zebrafish Books

Pat Edwards edwards at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Wed Mar 1 11:33:56 EST 1995

We have temporarily run out of copies of The Zebrafish Book.  Another
printing will be done in late Spring/early Summer of 1995, when the 
zebrafish staging series (Kimmel, et al., Developmental Dynamics, 
1995, in press) is available to include in the new edition.  We hope 
that this does not cause a hardship to those needing it.  In the 
meantime, the information in The Zebrafish Book, as well as other 
zebrafish info, can be accessed on the World Wide Web 
(http://zfish.uoregon.edu). New pricing and shipping information 
will be available when we are able to figure the costs of the new 

Thanks, and we're sorry for any inconvenience, but we feel that the 
new edition will be worth the wait.

Pat Edwards
ZF Publications Coordinator

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