Announce: movies of zebrafish development on the web

Mark Cooper mscooper at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue May 9 16:41:01 EST 1995

    We would like to announce a new WWW archive site called FishScope. 
FishScope contains a set of MPEG and QuickTime time-lapse movies dealing
with zebrafish development.  These recordings illustrate the cellular
mechanics involved in zebrafish gastrulation and neurulation. These
time-lapse recordings were made using a scanning laser confocal
microscope.  FishScope also contains a still image gallery of confocal
images of zebrafish embryos stained with fluorescent vital dyes. 

The address of FishScope is:

    Additional time-lapse recordings of zebrafish and medaka embryos will 
be added in the near future.  

    We welcome any feedback and comments about this site.

   Mark S. Cooper, Ph.D.
   Assistant Professor of Zoology
   University of Washington
   Seattle, WA  98195-1800
   (206) 543-8649
   mscooper at

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