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Subject: Revisiting the rec.aquaria reorganization RFD
Date: 8 Nov 1995 12:37:25 GMT
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Unfortunately, due to delays and personal conflicts, Dustin Laurence and I
had some trouble getting the CFV process going for the reorganization
after the first RFD posting on June 23rd this year.  We both appologize
for that.

After discussing it with Dustin, I have taken up the gauntlet and have
submitted a 2nd RFD to news.announce.newsgroups (et al) to rejoin another
discussion period.  There have been some minor changes to the first RFD as
proposed.  Dustin remains principally involved, though I will be handling
most of the mechanics of the discussion period due to Dustin's
committments and time restrictions.

You have all been patient with the delays and I encourage you to take a

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