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Thanks, Moira


    A postdoctoral position is available immediately for an individual to
map quantitative trait loci (QTL) affecting temperature tolerance,
spawning time, and growth in rainbow trout.  This research is directed at
solving some of the genetic problems affecting the aquaculture of this
species in central Canada as well as identifying genes of evolutionary
significance.  The candidate will be expected to develop microsatellite
markers, map markers, and search for QTL.  

Requirements: PhD with demonstrated ability in molecular analyses
Salary: $27,000 CAD (plus benefits) 
Availability: 1 November 1995 -31 October 1998.

Contact: Drs. Roy Danzmann or Moira Ferguson
         Department of Zoology
         University of Guelph
         Guelph, Ontario
	 Canada NlG 2W1
         email: rdanzman at
         tel: (519) 824-4120 x 8364
         fax: (519) 767-1656

Informal enquiries are welcome.

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