bourrat bourrat at
Tue Nov 14 10:58:13 EST 1995

I have no experience with zebrafish BrdU labelling, but with medaka, and 
it should not be very different. From hatching onwards (i.e., untill full 
adult stages), bathing fishes in BrdU solution (0.1 g/100 ml of fish tank 
water) is perfectly OK. 3-5 hours in such a solution leads to a strong 
labelling in almost all tissues of medaka fry. You can also have the 
fishes survive, even several months, with no problem.
Marking cells in embryos is much more difficult: I cannot get a good 
labelling by bathing eggs (even overnight) in the BrdU solution. It may 
be that the medaka chorion is specially hard, and it's difficult to 
dechorionate medaka eggs. It should not be so difficult with zebrafish?
As for the clearance of BrdU in fishes: you can find some recent data in: 
Zupanc & Horschke (1995) Proliferation zones in the brain of adult 
gymnotiform fish: a quantitative mapping study. J. Comp. Neurol. 353: 
213-233. They say that BrdU is available for 2-4 hours after 
intraperitoneal injection in adult fish. Good luck!

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